How to Win at Life—No Matter Where You Are Now


with Covey


You Know You are 
Meant for More

What do you do when you are faced with a wall of adversity? You know you are meant for more, but you feel stuck in an endless struggle to reach that next step toward real success. 

You need more than to just keep trying. You need a change in your mindset and new tools in your belt. Lucky for you, Brian Covey has been through it before and has paved the way for you to follow. 

Make the 
Most of 

What if you had the keys to unlock bigger possibilities and create the life you want?

If you had those keys and leveraged them with your own unique past, you’d be able to create your dream life over and over and move out of average and into extraordinary.

That’s what THIS book will show YOU: How to move beyond struggle and pain so you can live an amazing life, have great relationships, and build the business of your dreams, which means you’ll be living the life you’re designed to live on your terms.

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What to Expect from Conversations 
With Covey

Unlock Secrets for Greater Success

Learn from others how to get yourself on bigger stages and better leverage your platform.


Find the secret to navigating your worst obstacles so you can live a more impactful life. 

Restructure Your Stress

Discover how to embrace pressure and stress to make them your biggest allies. 


“What an amazing journey in this book. Taking you through the stories of successful leaders to help you develop the right mindset to be successful. Brian really delivered in this book and I look forward to the next book he writes! Highly recommended!”

“Love this book! It's full of great and inspirational stories but also plenty of action items. Great way to learn from some of these people and the author himself. I found a few people and tips that I hadn't heard of before and have already started to implement. Highly recommended!”

"Not only are these stories inspiring, but it has given me a new-found hope in myself & my goals. This is a great read and is sure to motivate & inspire anyone who picks it up. I highly recommend this book!!"

"Read the book last night. I thought it was amazing!! So many great takeaways from it. Very inspiring."

"Great tool that takes hours of interviews and synthesizes them down into salient stories and tactics that can easily be put to work."

"I loved reading the perspectives of all of these leaders in what it takes to not only be successful in business but in their personal lives as well."

"I love this book! I have so many take always from each conversation. Thank you Brian for writing such an incredible book. Look forward to your next one!"

"Brian's book is one of truth and resilience. He tells stories from some of today's biggest leaders time and again and gives the reader a chance to fully immerse themselves in the lives of those in the book. Because Brian tells stories from so many different perspectives, each reader is sure to see themselves at some point throughout the book. This is a must-read and I'm certain you'll get just as much out of it as I did"


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Don’t Wait Another Moment

Imagine your future exactly as you want it to be: You are healthy and successful in both your business and family life, and you have plenty of time to do the things that truly matter to you. 

You truly can have it all! 

This life can be yours. All you need are the tools and applications that lead to real success. 

Let Conversations with Covey help you get started on your path today. 


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From Pro Soccer Player, to Founder of Covey Holdings and the EVP at Revolution Mortgage, Brian is an influencer, top rated podcaster, keynote speaker, author, and most importantly, a family man. 

He’s mastered the art of a growth mindset, balancing a strong family life with his job, fitness, and mentorship programs while teaching these skills as a leader to his team, his social audiences, and through his keynote speeches.