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One of the biggest reasons I see professionals hitting a wall and burning out is a lack of completeness in their lives. An integration of career, family, and health—all areas coming together into one large whole—is vital to ongoing success. 

I’ve compiled the list of companies and services I find myself recommending over and over when you want to up-level performance. These will help you to streamline your business, maintain your health, and support your family—making it easier to achieve the integration that will supercharge your own success.

Integrate for 
Greater Success

Streamline Your Business

Magnify your reach and impact, improve your processes and systems, and work smarter rather than harder.

Improve Your 

Maximize your health and fitness to ensure you always have the energy to enjoy the ride and keep achieving.

Find More Time for Family

Spend more quality time with your family while ensuring security and a legacy for them now and in the future. 


Revolution Mortgage is a mortgage lender that offers low rates and payments for refinancing and home purchase loans. We leverage technology to boost efficiencies in the loan process to give you a low rate, fast closing, and a brand experience that's truly one of a kind. 
At Revolution Mortgage we're dedicated to making a difference. We are proud of being an equal housing lender and are always aiming to do the right thing. Our brand culture embraces all walks of life and celebrates our diverse workplace. Let’s Make Moves.

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Brand Builders 

Brand Builders Group helps mission-driven messengers build and monetize their personal brands. This brand strategy firm for influencers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs helps you clarify positioning, expand reach, and increase revenues.

When you want to be well-known and highly trusted—both online and off—Brand Builders Group is the team you want to talk to.

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“Everything in my business has grown tremendously over the last 5 years since I started this brand.”

– Lewis Howes

10X Health

Your health has real impact on every other area of your life. It’s also entirely unique to you. This is why it’s crucial to know your exact health needs so you can make the right improvements to feel your best. 

10X Health offers specialized health and genetic testing to help identify and meet your dietary, exercise, and supplementation needs so you have the energy to live your most successful life. 

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“I was on blood pressure medicine, thyroid medicine, and cholesterol medicine. I am on nothing now except [10x Health] supplements…so I’m off all these meds I’ve been on for 12 years, and I lost 40 lbs.”

– Dana White



From Pro Soccer Player, to Founder of Covey Holdings and the EVP at Revolution Mortgage, Brian is an influencer, top rated podcaster, keynote speaker, author, and most importantly, a family man. 

He’s mastered the art of a growth mindset, balancing a strong family life with his job, fitness, and mentorship programs while teaching these skills as a leader to his team, his social audiences, and through his keynote speeches.


Hi, I’m Brian.

I didn’t always know where my life would take me when I started my career as a professional soccer player. Since then my path has taken many surprising turns—first into real estate, and then on to the national stage—all the while bringing me lessons on resilience, success, growth, and leadership. 

Today, I am the EVP of Strategy & Development at Revolution Mortgage and am responsible for the growth of several multi-billion dollar teams within my industry. I also speak nationally to organizations on how to find your competitive edge and unlock the power that ignites your success.

My vision is to use the lessons I’ve learned to empower leaders to in turn create more leaders by supporting their team members and challenging them to dream bigger.  My goal is to facilitate an environment where these leaders can continue growing—no matter where they are in their career! I’m here to serve YOU.