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Brian Covey is a former professional soccer player turned results-driven leader, entrepreneur, author, and speaker. 

Finding Your Competitive Edge shares impactful conversations with accomplished industry leaders that will transform your perspective and give you tangible actions to help you unlock your power to ignite your success.



When you are mentally well, you’re going to make better decisions and create better solutions in your life. Especially as a leader, in order to help yourself and others reach their greatest success, you have to shift your state to accelerate performance and influence: that all starts with your mental and physical health! On the […]


Most of us don’t realize when we’re doing it, but every facial expression we make will tell people how to interact with us. From the way our eyebrows are shaped to our reactions to each conversation we have, everyday that you talk to someone they are reading you! On this episode of Finding Your Competitive […]


If you’re trying to find your purpose in this world, you need to ask yourself 3 questions: 1) what breaks your heart, 2) what are you doing for yourself today, and 3) who did you need to help you 10 years ago? In order to serve yourself, what you need, and where others are in […]


In today’s society, we’re taught to be promised a magic result towards success without any effort on our part…The truth is: you don’t generate wealth, money, or financial security by telling yourself that you’re a money magnet! How you start your day sets the tone, the context, and the direction for the rest of your […]


When it comes to personal branding, following the trends or mimicking popular influencers in your industry won’t get you far. If you want to grow your network and your wealth, you need to own your greatness and do what you’ve been hard-wired to do! On this episode of Finding Your Competitive Edge, guest Roland Cochrun […]


Where is the real estate & mortgage industry today, and where is it going in the next 18 months? It doesn’t matter whether you’re a real estate agent, loan officer, current buyer or seller, investor, or just trying to get into real estate – we’re all wondering the same thing: What’s happening in today’s real […]


How do you make a lasting impact in your community, in your home, and in the world? Simply put, you need to find balance in your body, being, and your business. On this episode of Finding Your Competitive Edge, Forrest Walden – CEO & Founder of Iron Tribe Fitness, Podcast Host, Father, Husband, Christian, & […]


In the last year of your life, who has impacted you and changed who you are? And of those people who has brought you closer, or further, away from your potential and where you want to be? In order to accomplish and fulfill your God-given purpose, you need to surround yourself with the right people! […]


Your personal brand is not about you and it’s not for you: it’s about the people that you were created to serve! In today’s world, there is unfortunately a common misconception about personal branding. It’s not about social media and it’s not a specific business model: it is DIGITIZATION of your REPUTATION! On this episode […]


Most businesses and leaders today fail because 1) they don’t know the difference between entrepreneurship vs. just building a business and 2) they don’t have the right system in place. Winning businesses and leaders don’t live by the fear-based and authoritative-based leadership model anymore. If you want to succeed to your fullest potential in today’s […]


Do you know what a HECM reverse mortgage is, and do you know how it can benefit you? The reverse mortgage program really requires someone that understands it, can articulate it, and help their customers make wise decisions through that. On this episode of Finding Your Competitive Edge, mortgage industry veterans Peter Morris and Nicole […]


We live in a world that is so focused on performance that we forget our true identity in ourselves and in God. In every challenge there is always a positive outcome and perspective, you just have to have hope, open up your heart and mind, and let it lead you to be the best version […]

“Brian not only shares freely on his podcast how anyone can achieve greatness in life, but he also brings incredible people to validate what’s possible for us all. Incredible show and even greater guy.”

“Brian is an amazing dude with a heart for God and for encouraging people. Loved the episode with Sebastian Rusk Brian, you are a natural at facilitating great conversation and serving your guests.”

"This is seriously good stuff! One of the best I've heard in a while. No doubt about it!"

"Encouraging, inspirational and great lessons provided great perspective. Added to my morning routine of must listen top 10."

"One of the most powerful podcast I have ever listened to"

"Love this show!! Love the mission!! It teaches, encourages… motivates… great listen… holds my interest which takes a lot!! Thank you Brian!!"



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the Host

From Pro Soccer Player, to Founder of Covey Holdings and the EVP at Revolution Mortgage, Brian is an influencer, top rated podcaster, keynote speaker, author, and most importantly, a family man. 

He’s mastered the art of a growth mindset, balancing a strong family life with his job, fitness, and mentorship programs while teaching these skills as a leader to his team, his social audiences, and through his keynote speeches.