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Brian Covey is a former professional soccer player turned results-driven leader, entrepreneur, author, and speaker. 

Finding Your Competitive Edge shares impactful conversations with accomplished industry leaders that will transform your perspective and give you tangible actions to help you unlock your power to ignite your success.



Most businesses and leaders today fail because 1) they don’t know the difference between entrepreneurship vs. just building a business and 2) they don’t have the right system in place. Winning businesses and leaders don’t live by the fear-based and authoritative-based leadership model anymore. If you want to succeed to your fullest potential in today’s […]


Do you know what a HECM reverse mortgage is, and do you know how it can benefit you? The reverse mortgage program really requires someone that understands it, can articulate it, and help their customers make wise decisions through that. On this episode of Finding Your Competitive Edge, mortgage industry veterans Peter Morris and Nicole […]


We live in a world that is so focused on performance that we forget our true identity in ourselves and in God. In every challenge there is always a positive outcome and perspective, you just have to have hope, open up your heart and mind, and let it lead you to be the best version […]


You can’t make the impact you want without the help and service of others. If you’re part of a community, you have accountability, access to coaches, and the ability to accomplish what you want to achieve, the first step is understanding that God has given every single one of us the skills and ability to […]


Are you really living, or just going through the motions? We all get that itch that we’re meant for more or there should be more, but a lot of times we don’t follow through with finding out what our purpose is and taking action on it. Jenn Drummond – World Record Holder, Author, Speaker, & […]


Are you worried about where the housing market is going in 2024, but don’t have the right information to guide you? On this episode of Finding Your Competitive Edge, Logan Mohtashami – lead analyst for HousingWire – debunks myths about what’s currently going on in the market, breaks down what you need to know about […]


We all have those days where not everything goes the way we planned – nothing is going to be perfect! The moment you choose to lose the negativity and stop resisting is when you start making progress through your actions. If your mindset is there, you will start seeing those positive results! On this episode […]


We all experience fear in every aspect of our lives – it’s something that will never go away: so how do you face it? On this episode of Finding Your Competitive Edge, Adam Hill – 9 figure CEO, World Championship Qualifying Triathlete, Peak Performance Coach, Best-selling Author, Speaker & Podcast Host – shares his story […]


At the core, everyone wants to succeed. No matter what your goals are, no matter what your vision is for your life, or whatever challenges come your way that you view as limiting beliefs – if you change your perspective on the hard times, you can succeed and live a successful life. When you do […]


Leadership and coaching are much more than managing others: it’s about approaching each individual with a genuine sense of curiosity and believing that there is greatness in every one of those people that you have the honor of having on your team. No matter how much you love your people, it’s still a business and […]


Real estate is a sure way to create generational wealth and provide you with passive income. There are so many avenues but, in order to get started and start growing that portfolio you have to ask yourself: “Do I want to be a real estate owner, or do I want to be a real estate […]


How much time are you spending every day on meaningless tasks, scrolling on social media, or watching your favorite shows? If you were to replace just 15 minutes of that every morning and night with reading, that’s roughly a book read every 2 weeks. If you’re deliberately choosing not to read books that have helped […]

“Brian not only shares freely on his podcast how anyone can achieve greatness in life, but he also brings incredible people to validate what’s possible for us all. Incredible show and even greater guy.”

“Brian is an amazing dude with a heart for God and for encouraging people. Loved the episode with Sebastian Rusk Brian, you are a natural at facilitating great conversation and serving your guests.”

"This is seriously good stuff! One of the best I've heard in a while. No doubt about it!"

"Encouraging, inspirational and great lessons provided great perspective. Added to my morning routine of must listen top 10."

"One of the most powerful podcast I have ever listened to"

"Love this show!! Love the mission!! It teaches, encourages… motivates… great listen… holds my interest which takes a lot!! Thank you Brian!!"



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the Host

From Pro Soccer Player, to Founder of Covey Holdings and the EVP at Revolution Mortgage, Brian is an influencer, top rated podcaster, keynote speaker, author, and most importantly, a family man. 

He’s mastered the art of a growth mindset, balancing a strong family life with his job, fitness, and mentorship programs while teaching these skills as a leader to his team, his social audiences, and through his keynote speeches.